Maya Jane Coles – Don’t Leave / Nocturnal Sunshine – Foundation


The simmering restlessness and fierce reputation of Maya Jane Coles’s career journey that has led to her decision to today release lead tracks from both her herself and her alter ego in one unanticipated drop is a young woman at the height of her artistic powers.

The multifaceted and seemingly unstoppable Maya Jane Coles today proves it is possible to propel forward a distinctive sound in more than one singular direction. Written, produced, and mixed entirely by Maya plus visually accompanied by Maya’s own artwork and photography and released on her own label I/AM/ME this is THE world of Maya Jane Coles on Maya’s terms.

The release is a confident creative expressive of revisiting the darker, more bass-driven productions with a heavy hip-hop and dub influence of her early studio work as Nocturnal Sunshine while also driving her prolific club sound in an experimental often sinister dance floor direction.

Nocturnal Sunshine has for many years been the British-Japanese producers go-to for exploring dubbier, bass-driven aesthetics; a sound that has she undoubtedly made her own with provocative and subtly commanding hits such as “Cant Hide The Way I Feel” and ‘Take Me There’ as well as an array of prolific remixes including The Orb, Alpines and Karin Park.

Here “Foundation” avoids any kind of conceptual framework yet follows Maya’s own personal narrative delivering on the same uncompromising genealogy that her 2015 Nocturnal Sunshine LP was born from – igniting excitement over a new full length Nocturnal Sunshine album that is lined up for 2019.

Daringly dark yet packed with drama and joy the dual track announcement comes from an artist who never shies away from progression. “Don’t Leave” Indulges in earthy, abstract tech house terrain and speeds into action with little regard for consequences.

Simultaneously dark and bright, Maya Jane Coles is an artist of great consistency. Untainted in her production and constant in her delivery she makes it clear that what was once considered a remix side-project has fully manifested itself into a parallel alter ego.

Fulfilling to the listening experience and rewarding to the seasoned Maya Jane Coles fan; the London based Producer/DJ upholds her craving of both the danceable sounds that sit in the house music spotlight as much as illuminating what is prowling in the shadows.

Maya Jane Coles – “Don’t Leave” / Nocturnal Sunshine – “Foundation” are both out now on I/AM/ME

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