Hunter/Game – Enter The Block EP

Milan based collective Just This present the ‘Enter The Block’ EP from label mainstays Hunter/Game due November 2nd as a digital-only release. Featured in this five-track package are two remixes from Cassegrain and Amandra.

Title track is a minimalist roller featuring subtle acid inflections and a pointillist melody. For their remix, Cassegrain morph the unfurling hypnotism of the original into something more twisted, punctuating its cyclic nature with drawn out tones and frenetic rhythms.

‘Second Floor’ is an exercise in restraint, slowly building around one motif that swirls in and out of focus above stripped back percussion. Amandra provides an unexpectedly angular interpretation for his remix, repurposing the original into a molecular structure of atonal textures driven forwards by marching percussion.

Closing off the EP, ‘Explore’ revolves around a tiny, glistening melody, teetering on the edge of something bigger in a way that builds a brooding tension.

02 November 2018 / Just This
01 Enter The Block
02 Enter The Block (Cassegrain Remix)
03 Second Floor
04 Second Floor (Amandra Remix)
05 Explore

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