DIICE – Chemical (Ifan Dafydd Remix)

The Playbook is proud to announce the remix for DIICE’s ‘Chemical’. Ifan Dafydd has re-imagined the work in his own unique styling and made it feel like a completely new song, without losing Chemical’s distinctive vibe, which earned plaudits from some of the industry’s most prestigious publications and received plays on BBCRadio 1 by Huw Stephens.

Ifan Dafydd has previously crafted supremely intricate and perfectly formed songs, including ‘Llonydd’ and ‘Celwydd’, meaning we’re no strangers to hearing him work with Alys Williams’ beautiful voice. Ifan first burst onto the radar with ‘No Good’ featuring an Amy Winehouse sample, followed a year later by his first official release ‘Treehouse’ which has subsequently been sampled on SZA’s ‘Sobriety’. This will be his first official remix in over a year. It is without doubt that Ifan’s quirky and unique style is what has earned him the industry respect he enjoys, and he has done exactly what you’d expect with ‘Chemical’ and more. The pitched down vocal is set to one of Ifan’s distinctive grooves and builds up to a mind blowing state of vocal manipulation towards the end. His first official rework in over a year will not disappoint.

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