The Blaze – Dancehall LP

The Blaze share their debut album DANCEHALL, out today via Animal63 and announce headlining European tour dates for March 2019.

Paris-based producers, film directors and cousins Guillaume and Jonathan Alric’s highly anticipated debut DANCEHALL is not to be confused with the sound specific of the Jamaican genre, but instead a tribute to the scene itself which originated in the 1940’s. The dance hall was created from a desire to simply come together and party, at a time when the only way to listen to your favourite artist was to come together in such a way. This was a place where people lived, loved and danced.

Beginning their story with inaugural track, Virile, released in 2016, the duo went on to release their debut Territory EP in April 2017. The Blaze have since expanded their catalogue of musical and visual poetry with singles ‘She’, ‘Faces’ and ‘Queens’, with a overwhelming sense of humanity surrounding all that they create. Whether you see two friends sharing a special moment in ‘Virile’, that sweet feeling of home in ‘Territory’ or are perhaps familiar with the work of French painter Manet and his piece Dejeuner sur l’herbe on ‘Heaven’, The Blaze have a unique way of working, producing the music and visuals at the same time, in tandem as it were. Their incredible musical and directorial skill have not gone unnoticed, winning numerous awards from the likes of Grand Prix at Cannes Lions, the Best Directors award at Berlin Music Video Awards, UK Music Video Awards to name but a few.

The Blaze have spent 2018 so far playing some of the world’s biggest festivals, conquering the European festival circuit by captivating audiences at Reading & Leeds, Primavera, Parklife, Garorock, Europavox, Mainsquare, Melt, Art Sonic, Lollapalooza Paris, Dockville, Lovebox and Pitchfork Paris as well as a standout performance at Coachella. The Blaze will continue to fulfil their one wish of making audiences around the world able to feel by embarking not only on a headlining tour in the US this October, but also across a string of newly announced European Dates for March 2019.

The Blaze debut album DANCEHALL is OUT NOW via Animal63.

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