Roosevelt – Getaway

Marius Lauber AKA Roosevelt’s ambitious and breathtakingly modern follow-up to his self-titled debut is out next month. Young Romance sees the German artist breaking free from the dance floor and stepping out into the light, effortlessly bridging that gap and asserting his place in the upper echelons of guitar and synth-pop royalty. Now less reliant on a four-to-the-floor kick drum as a rhythmic backbone, this sophomore record sees him embrace grooves of all shapes and sizes, as demonstrated on first single ‘Under the Sun,’ and most recent offering ‘Forgive,’ which featured the inimitable vocals of Ernest Green of Washed Out.

New single and final song on the album ‘Getaway’ is built around a pulsating and relentless baseline, culminating in an epic crescendo of layered synths and reverb-soaked guitars. A mid-tempo comedown from an album often littered with euphoric moments, it is one of Young Romance’s stand-out tracks, the slow burning and glorious finale it undoubtedly deserves. Marius has this to say on the track:

“Getaway was one of the last tracks I finished in the studio – I felt like there was the need for a track that didn’t follow a conventional song structure and just builds on the same chords. There’s something about not revealing a twist in the song, but instead to play with open cards from the beginning and to increase the tension dynamically through out the 5 minutes of the song. It’s meant to be a very lush and positive song about escaping to an imaginary place. Compared to the rest of the album it’s a very synthesizer-heavy track, most of the parts are played with a vintage Minimoog.” – Marius Lauber

‘Getaway’ is OUT NOW. Roosevelt’s sophomore album Young Romance is out September 28.

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