Cubicolor – Boxed Out

Cubicolor share new single ‘Boxed Out’, encapsulating their trademark sound, with a wall of layered synths surging beneath Tim’s soaring vocal refrain – “nobody told me nothing.” On the single, Tim explains:

“‘Boxed Out’ channels the struggle we feel between our constant need to be ‘online’ and connected versus our the need for real human interactions. Technology can move so fast these days you can barely catch a breath; ‘Boxed Out’ came from a sense of how isolating that can feel. While recording, I switched my phone to only display black and white and have kept it this way since. It’s keeps the brain from getting a rush of dopamine from the insane amount of visual input we stare at every day.”


Alongside the new single, Cubicolor announce their debut European live tour this October, taking in London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris.

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