Pin Up Club – Naoshima (inc Perel remix)

The Phantasm label has something special up its sleeve for June: a new EP from Amsterdam outfit Pin Up Club and an excellent remix from lady of the moment, DFA star and disco innovator Perel.

This young label comes from Sinchi Collective in association with Night Noise and has quickly established itself with innovative music. That continues with the trippy leftfield electronica and dark disco and EBM flavours of Pin Up Club, who have worked on labels like Nein, Relish, Bordello a Parigi.

In their own words; “For this EP we chose to work with natural ambient sounds as a background for each track. So if you listen carefully you can hear dogs barking, crickets chirping and other ambient noises we’ve recorded ourselves on our travels,” say the pair who derived these tracks from live jam sessions using plenty of proper hardware, a Roland Space Echo and Fender Stratocaster, amongst other things’.

The thoughtful ‘Naoshima’ opens things with gentle deep house drums and organic claps. Broad synths stretch out to add scale and dreamy acid takes your mind away into a reverie.

Hugely acclaimed German DJ, producer and vocalist Perel is about to launch her album on DFA and it’s sure to shoot her to worldwide acclaim. Just before that she serves up a truly captivating remix of ‘Naoshima’ that’s harmonically rich and deliciously disco flavoured. Gorgeous pads and silky drums are embellished with a rugged, low slung bassline and the whole thing oozes cool.

’10:00am’ is a brilliantly laidback groove with relaxing chords and meandering synth lines. It’s one to sink into and float along with as a sea of melodies wash over you and calm your mind in classy fashion. Last of all, ‘Cauldron’ has more slow motion drums and slithering hi hats embellished with masterful chords and synths that ooze musicality. It’s a romantic and late night cut with cosmic keys that effortlessly wins you over.

These are four stunning and mature tracks that make a deep and long lasting impact.

1- Naoshima
2- Naoshima (Perel Remix)
3- 10.00 A.M
4- Cauldron
5- Naoshima (Sinchi Bonus Remix)

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