Dans Mon Salon – Juicy

dans mon salon

Dans Mon Salon’s latest relase reflects a desire for a sensual exchange with a fictional stripper. Juicy craves her satisfaction through the attention of strangers. The night moves on and DMS keeps strong, awaiting liberation from this torturous game. Will he ever have the chance to meet this mysterious dancer who drew his desire from behind the looking glass? The challenge is on. The song gets lit by a club vibe that Michail has magically directed by raising the expectations for a dark celebration.

Out now on Amplify records.

Dimitri Batsis (aka Dans Mon Salon) reveals his”living room”, his ”personal space”, publicly through the energy of sound since the early 90’s. His affection and dedication to dance as well as other forms of music, is a relentless quest for purity. By his very nature, his steps on electronic music began with the purchase of a keyboard at the age of 12, as his relation to synthesizers and electronic devices of all sorts soon became a main need. Occasionally breaking through the limits of style and form, his dance affiliated creations are referential to his background: 80’s, funk, soul, tech, hip, house, disco, breaks… A diverse blend where global and personal energies mix and match and eventually electrify the inner senses. His appearances and releases may involve vocals and instrumentation through his intrinsic involvement in collaborations and projects. From fashion shows to warehouse parties, Dimitri is an emerging talent, with a idiosyncratic taste on sound, yet so original.

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