Video: Adana Twins – Relentless feat. Jeppe Kjellberg

Adana Twins team up with L.A. director Katja Deferkiel to produce an unforgettably cinematic music video for their latest single ‘Relentless’, featuring vocals from WhoMadeWho’s Jeppe Kjellberg.

Katja captures the Mojave Desert in epic style, using wide camera shots and visual effects for a vivid and striking music video that adds a whole new dimension to ‘Relentless’.

‘Relentless’ features brooding synths and percussion next to Jeppe’s heart-felt performance – something that Katja embraced to create the music video:

“I decided to shoot in a remote part of the Mojave Desert, on ancient Indian Land with Volcanoes, sheer endless roads and dramatic light because this landscape for me reflects the feeling of longing and loneliness I hear in the song”.

German born but based in Los Angeles, Katia Deferkiel’s vivid cinematography perfectly combines with Adana Twin’s sultry sound and Jeppe’s commanding vocal performance to create a mesmerizing package that is primed for success not just on the dance floor but beyond too.

On teaming up with Jeppe Kjellberg and Katia Deferkiel, Adana Twins comment:

“Working with Jeppe Kjellberg from WhoMadeWho was a pretty cool experience! His voice is simply amazing and we’re more than happy. It was a lucky coincidence that our good friend and director Katja Federkiel from Los Angeles loved the song as much as we do!”

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