Video: Washed Out – The Mister Mellow Show

After teasing its release for the past few weeks, Washed Out is back today to share his first album in nearly 4 years. Mister Mellow arrives as the most ambitious Washed Out album to date, as Ernest Greene commissioned original music videos for each of the album’s songs to create a comprehensive visual counterpart for the album. Created by 11 different video artists, the album’s visuals utilize several forms of animation; from claymation and stop-motion to hand-drawn cartoons.

To take his bold vision even further, Washed Out has collaborated with Microsoft to produce a dynamic live show, allowing fans to experience in person his “impressionistic view of the world.” The creative team behind the collaboration turned to Microsoft technology to translate the rich, detailed patchwork of Mister Mellow’s music and visuals into an equally powerful live experience. Robust and advanced live integrations mimic the wide range of artistic styles seen and heard on the album.

In addition to Mister Mellow’s original visuals, Washed Out enlisted Saturday Night Live’s Kyle Mooney to create a unique special entitled The Mister Mellow Show. In it, Mooney hosts the fictional program The Mister Mellow Show, on which Washed Out’s Ernest Greene is a featured guest that is interviewed by Mooney’s character Your Boy Charlie before watching the visuals for Mister Mellow together.

Mister Mellow is out on Digital & CD/DVD now. The directors, animators and artists who contributed to Mister Mellow range from the go-to animator for hip-hop superstars to a BAFTA Award-winning documentary director.

Washed Out – Mister Mellow
(Stones Throw Records)

1. Title Card
2. Burn Out Blues
3. Time Off
4. Floating By
5. I’ve Been Daydreaming My Entire Life
6. Hard to Say Goodbye
7. Down and Out
8. Instant Calm
9. Zonked
10. Get Lost
11. Easy Does It
12. Million Miles Away

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