[.que] – Wonderland LP

Sound In Silence is happy to announce the addition of [.que] to its roster of artists, presenting his new album entitled Wonderland.

[.que] is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Nao Kakimoto, based in Tokyo, Japan. Since 2010 he has released seven albums, one EP and three singles on labels such as Schole, IntroDuCing! and his own Embrace. He has also composed music for many film movies, television commercials, websites and exhibitions.

Wonderland is his eighth full length album and first for Sound In Silence. It’s a concept album of ten tracks based on ideas that started taking shape when Kakimoto composed the soundtrack of the short film Kurokawa Wonderland back in 2015. Harmonizing the warmth of acoustic instruments and folk elements with electronic textures and field recordings, [.que] creates a wonderful album full of emotional melodies and delicate rhythms.

The skillful sound production of Wonderland by [.que] is completed with the careful mastering done by George Mastrokostas (aka Absent Without Leave), giving a warm natural sound to this masterpiece.

Wonderland has a wide sound palette including gorgeous twinkly folktronica, joyful dream-pop and elegant post-rock and it’s a must-have album for fans of artists such as The Album Leaf, Message To Bears, Miaou and Epic45.

This is a limited edition of 200 handmade and hand-numbered collectible copies. It is packaged in a lovely hand-stamped 127mm x 127mm 260 gsm saffron yellow cardboard envelope with the front cover image printed on a polaroid style photo paper and an insert sheet containing tracklist and information printed on a 190 gsm reddish-brown cardboard. It also comes bundled with a download code coupon and a Sound In Silence card.

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