Peaking Lights – The Fifth State Of Consciousness LP

peaking lights

Peaking Lights have shared a third track, titled “Love Can Move Mountains”, from their fifth studio album, due out on 16th June 2017. “The Fifth State Of Consciousness” is a 12-track, double LP produced in the band’s Dreamfuzz studio over the course of the last two years.

Listen to new track ‘Love Can Move Mountains’ here:

Following 2014’s Cosmic Logic LP on Weird World, it marks both a departure from the new and a return to the old, with a whole new twist on the psychedelic dub-pop they’ve become revered for, a listening experience of otherworldly sounds. Through all its peaks and valleys, the larger arc of themes within “The Fifth State Of Consciousness” surround dreams, strength, a loss of innocence, and seeking an enlightened state of being after overcoming life’s trials and tribulations.

Musically, the album shifts through many states from beginning to end, resembling a car journey through foreign landscapes. A sense of wonderment flows with each track and with every listen, new sounds and eccentricities begin to surface. Bringing together their love of Psychedelic music, House, Electronic and Reggae, each song lives and breathes it’s own life but as an album, remains knitted together by Peaking Lights’ tight, conceptual writing.

Produced by Aaron Coyes, the creative process was filled with odd gadgetry, playful experimentation and deep, alchemical soul. Dreamfuzz studio, designed by Coyes who describes it as “a small junkyard with many happy mistakes”, formed the hub for a host of one-of-a-kind recording methods including using tape machines to record melodies backwards before playing them in reverse, breaking electronic gear to create their own sounds and layering sounds to create ‘pads’.

The sounds were also run through Peaking Lights’ 1976 16/8 Soundcraft Series Two mixing console — the same type of board used by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry at Black Ark and at the infamous Cargo Studios, where many of the early Factory Records bands were recorded.

“The Fifth State Of Consciousness” is released on June 16 via Two Flower Records.

01. Dreaming Outside
02. Coyote Ghost Melodies
03. Everytime I See The Light
04. I’ll Be In The Sky
05. Love Can Move The Mountains
06. Sweetness Isn’t Far Away
07. Que Du Bon
08. A Phoenix and a Fish
09. Eclipse Of The Heart
10. In My Disguise
11. Put Down Your Guns
12. Wild Paradise

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