Dovim – Cambrian Explosion EP


June sees the return of Dovim on Traum Schallplatten with his brand new 3 Track EP “Cambrian Explosion”. Csaba Magyar aka Dovim takes you to an exploration to the rich world of the far gone Cambrium. Take a seat and let your mind flow…

One of our favorite artists on Traum is releasing a brand new EP with us.
For all of you who don’t know Dovim, he is a classic trained musician who we discovered end of 2015 which resulted in his stunning debut “Cryo Gemini” in 2016 and his follow up EP “Makaratta” end of 2016.

So 9 months later the 3-track EP “The Cambrian Explosion” is unleashed. Extreme, overflowing with melodies full of colors and at the same time 100% defined and precisely scripted. Dovim is back and better then ever!

The release kicks off with “Marine Dimensions” a battleship of melodies and
complex polyrhythmic structures that cruises through tidal waves with high precision and poise. “Marine Dimensions” is a true Dovim track that captures the emotion in a „wanderlust“ mannerism, never coming to a rest. “Body Fossils” disperses mind tickling razor sharp sounds and executing parrot flight formations in the busiest of all high streets. This is a soundtrack of our civilization where the speed of things hat gained a momentum where it nearly collapses. Dovim captures all that and we feel his communication with the outer world is as vivid as his inner-self turmoil. The last track “Comb Jellies” seems to have come to a rest formulating itself in a more mature manner, but watch out since Dovim always likes to destroy and tear down his melodies in order to build up something new and exciting. Welcome to Dovim’s pleasure dome.

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