Oυтвlacĸ – Void EP

Outblack is the new solo project from french artist Frédéric Rivière, aka Anoraak, featuring collaborations with a selection of other artists. Not confined by any specific genre, the aesthetic is clearly a combination of electronic and modern worlds; uncluttered and based on black and white visuals, his work outlines sonic landscapes, heavily influenced by the work of painter Pierre Soulages.

Rooted in avant-garde electropop, reminiscent of Junior Boys, Outblack’s cinematic productions embrace today’s electronic music standards, using both synthesizers and organically recorded sounds, resulting in a perfect balance between human emotion and machine-like strictness.

After piquing the interest of underground tastemakers with his first track “How Hard It Is (feat. Lenparrot)”, his debut EP will be released in May of 2017, featuring Brothertiger and Moona.

Oυтвlacĸ feat. Brothertiger – Lost in the Void video:

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