Teho – Jupiter EP


From the press release:

We have been in contact with French artist Teho for quiet a while and were looking for something alongside our path which would leave its mark. So here are four brand new trax ranging from direct dance-floor impact to more personal music.

The EP starts with the title track “Jupiter” which might be the most sinister track on the EP. Teho paints a mighty and strange sound here which is still fascinating and seductive. A sound that rotates in slow motion but develops in the course of the track step by step to a more complex and exciting composition.
His powerful grooves, that easily transport the track onto the dance floor, back up his skillful textures.

Teho is a master in driving a minimal set up skillfully and by this makes it accessible for the dance-floor! “Jupiter” is a result of unifying an alien atmosphere with Teho’s tough definition of funk. “Suspect No 6” builds up moments of suspense, that are constantly altered and wander towards landscapes
strikingly picturesque. This demands a strong composition and Teho accomplishes that by working with lots of small unobstrutcive details which give the track its elegance and flow as well as expressing a certain kind of chill.
“Donkey Korg” opens up with a carpet of sounds which are a result of a masterful blend of: heavenly voices, guitars and bouncy bass-lines. If that sounds too weird you will have to listen to the track yourself because it has great moments of „wanderlust“ in which you can totally loose yourself. “Elephants” starts with a grand opening of an intro that announces great shifting of tones, resulting in a monstrous landslide of tones. There is a lot of unparalleled drama here you wont want to miss which makes it another highlight on this EP.

Dovim, the best kept secret of the Budapest electronic scene and core artist on Traum, has put his hands on the original (“Elephants”) to write a quirky and mad interpretation that sees sequences rushing in all at once! There are a lot of eruptions with sequences here leaving you unprepared.

German artist Koelle who has released successfully on Tour de Traum before, has taken on “Donkey Korg” to give it his analogue treatment and voyage-like feel. Sometimes when all sequences meet his remix shows great orchestral moments of passion. And although that much more new school it evokes the spirits of
music such as Underground Resistance Galaxy 2 Galaxy. We doubt someone can follow us on this comparison but we could not resist.

Mitja&Daniel Mes (Tour De Traum XIII) have heavily reworked “Elephants” so it really stands out as a different track. They have moved it towards a breathtaking 80ies epic soundtrack that goes under your skin and leaves a void when it stops

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