Autograf – You Might Be feat. Lils

Autograf_YouMightBe Artwork.jpg

Chicago artists, production and multi-instrumentalist trio Autograf make their Big Beat Records debut today with their latest jam “You Might Be” featuring Lils. Known for her appearances on The Voice, Lils has worked with everyone from Twin Shadow to Dillon Francis, paving the way for her solo career. The artists come together for a seductively sweet earworm, with Lils hypnotic vocals that float effortlessly over their melodically chill bassline.

Combining two art students and a derivatives trader into an all-encompassing art project was surely a novel concept. Autograf — formed by Jake Carpenter, Louis Kha, and Mikul Wing — craft a shimmery mix of futuristic electronica with a D.I.Y. ethos that melds the skills from their former day jobs.  As the electronic music scene reached a certain peak in 2015, the group wanted to bring some sexy back to the genre. After remixing songs by a string of prominent artists like Lorde and Pharrell, they released their first original song, “Dream,” followed by “Running” and “Metaphysical,” featuring Autograf-designed cover art. Autograf’s future philosophy and artistic talents led them to create their own instruments and stage installations, which they hoped would revolutionize the electronic music scene. In early 2016, the trio released their debut EP, ‘Future Soup,’ continuing the momentum in 2017 with their Hype Machine dominating single “Nobody Knows” and remix of “Rockabye” by Clean Bandit and Sean Paul.

Autograf continue to grow in various aspects of art culture, having just revealed their own streetwear line, By Autograf which combines their passion for a perfect intersection between art, fashion and music.

The trio will make their Coachella debut later this month. “You Might Be” is out now across all DSP’s.

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