TERRACE – Picture Perfect (The Juan MacLean Remix)


February 17th saw the release of the “Picture Perfect” remix as reimagined by the DFA’s very own The Juan MacLean. As Terrace explains “When we tried to figure out who could re-imagine the track we sat down and racked our brains of who exactly could bring this song into a new exciting dimension. The Juan MacLean. That’s who. And that is the only who. The only one that could make this happen. An inspiration and leader in the house crossover sound. Luckily for us, he said yes. And we could never imagine it another way.”

“Picture Perfect” sees Terrace take on a new direction, crossing into new territories. Emerging out of the rubble of Grunge and a decaying house music scene, Terrace is a born adventurer. Escaping day to day life by choosing to create a dance hybrid, drawing on influences that extend back into an 80’s childhood is what he does and where he is now.

Fast forward to now, “Picture Perfect” is the first track from the “Foundation EP”, slated for release in to summer 2017. The single showcases Terrace’s enigmatic signature dance infused indie sound and a series of striking video teasers by acclaimed photographer/director Nitin Vadukul combine with the music to leave you pondering who and what Terrace is and what is to come. Now is the time to find out, Who Is Terrace?

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