Space Dimension Controller – EXOSTACK EP

R&S welcomes back Space Dimension Controller’s Jack Hamill for an EP of his trademark future-funk, his first for the label since 2013. The EXOSTACK EP marks a welcome return from Hamill to the kind of astro-boogie that made him a unifying favourite in any discerning DJ’s record box.

“Returning to R&S after a long hiatus is a beautiful thing. Always had respect for the past and the label embellishes some great moments in dance music. Also Renaat is the the most amazingly crazy person I know so it’s always fun.” – SDC

The title track is a masterclass in wide-eyed astral disco – cycling euphoric arpeggios underpinned by dubbed out bass riffs and swooning pads. Unfurling over a sizeable 8 minutes, Hamill justifies every second with a beguiling arrangement that takes the listener on a groove excursion of epic proportions. On the flip, red hot Swede Kornel Kovacs delivers a tuff rerub that jacks up the drums, and cools out the chords, twisting the original into a classic house roller. SDC original ‘BIOPAN’ finds Hamill in more contemplative mood – pulsing drums, a subdued bass figure and woozy synth melodies combine to haunting effect.

As a digital bonus, Minimal Violence supplies a thunderous tribal take, stripping back the original, while adding pounding percussion and intense string pads for peak time mayhem.

B1 – EXOSTACK (Kornel Kovacs remix)
Digital – EXOSTACK (Minimal Violence remix)

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