Joakim – Numb (Apollo Noir Remix)


Joakim shares the first remix of ‘Numb’ taken from his forthcoming album Samurai by fellow French producer, Apollo Noir. A left-field genre blurring remix, it feels completely raw and honest in its interpretation of the original. From the distorted vocals to the mystic synths, in Apollo Noir’s style this remix echoes an alternate reality where music and spirituality become one.

A very personal and conceptual body of work, Joakim’s 6th album Samurai is about the artist’s journey between NY, Tokyo and Paris. In writing, Joakim was inspired by a range of influences from the literary (Mishima’s ‘Hagakure: Samurai Ethics & Modern Japan’), to the sonic (home-made electronic and “new age”’ style music) and the circumstantial (Japan and New York).

A true artist, Joakim’s visual expression is as strong as his sonics. Evoking the ideas of transformation, ambiguity and artifice versus nature, the Adrian Yu-directed music video for the original of ‘Numb’ appropriates and makes a parody of the YouTube phenomenon of make-up tutorials. Partially shot with a cheap 90s camcorder, the video also nods to the Japanese tradition of Kabuki make-up which inspired the cover art for Samurai.

Samurai is out via Tigersushi / Because on 17th March, 2017.

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