Video: Henri – Fine Day feat. Aníta Briem


Henri shares the video for melodic house track, ‘Fine Day’, directed by upcoming director, Constantine Praskevopoulos (Quentin Tarrantino, Dallas Buyers Club, MTV).

The video follows Henri and Icelandic actress and singer Aníta Briem – whose vocals also feature on the track – exploring the city of Los Angeles.

Speaking to LA Canvas, Henri explains,

“I love everything to be a spectacle, but at the same time not in the cheap, girly, sex-kitten kind of way, more in the artsy, creative way – I love wearing really crazy space-age costumes. Fashion and music are arts that feed into each other in a way.”

“Because it’s my song and she [Anita] is the singer on it, she’s like my puppet in a way, but if you don’t read into the video, then I guess it could look like we’re just trying to be cute.”

Henri’s version of ‘Fine Day’ features Aníta Briem’s hypnotic, breathy vocals, which are layered over an interweaving synth arpeggio and repetitive piano chords. It will instantly put its listeners into a blissful state of trance. Henri invites you to turn off your mind, relax and float downstream.

It is the first track on Henri’s EP – out now via Monstertooth Records. It’s an elegant cover of Opus III’s early 90s cult classic and follows on from the success of Henri’s remix of Flight Facilities’ “Two Bodies” (which reached number 2 on Hype Machine). Henri has received continued support from the likes of MixMag, Harder Blogger Faster and Data Transmission.


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