Kingdom – Tears in the Club


Though Kingdom has been quite prolific over the past few years as a producer and artist, February 24th marks the release of his first official studio album, Tears In The Club. Hyped as one of FACT’s 2017 releases they’re most excited for, the album features newly released title track “Tears In The Club” and current single “Nothin” featuring Syd from THE INTERNET – both available now as instant grat tracks with album pre-order.

Kingdom today also shared the album cover art designed by Sam Rolfes, as well as a re-designed website and visual album teaser.

Caught somewhere between the clouds and the depths of the underground club scene, Kingdom’s music embodies moments of both tears of joy and anxious suspension. Three years in the making, Kingdom’s album debut features collaborations with SZA, Syd from THE INTERNET, and Shacar in an 11-track collection of left-field pop songs. The music is a journey through Kingdom’s psyche- enchanted, darkly atmospheric instrumentals and a crystalline femme soundscape- simultaneously erotic, melancholy and resilient. Recorded and mixed entirely by Kingdom himself, the sonics of Tears in the Club establish a mix of polished R&B and sample-based DIY production Kingdom helped to pioneer. After the success of producing records for alt-R&B mainstays Kelela and D∆WN, Kin gdom here has been able to strike a balance with collaborators that matches his unique tone and here fully realizes his vision of a club R&B microverse.

1. What is Love (feat. SZA)
2. Each & Every Day (feat. Najee Daniels)
3. Nurtureworld
4. Breathless (feat. Shacar)
5. Tears in the Club
6. Haunted Gate
7. Nothin (feat. Syd)
8. Into the Fold
9. Timex
10. Down 4 Whatever (feat. SZA)
11. Nothin (feat. Syd – Club Mix)

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