A four-part body of work put together to challenge perceptions of the classical world’s traditional inaccessibility, Prayer presents new project ‘LOST’; a statement of intent that unites classical and electronic landscapes. Prayer will release a series of tracks that fuse these two contrasting worlds; from dark, deathly masterpieces to more ballad-like electronic pieces.

Track One ‘Without You’ plays on intensity of these two extremes, uniting classical instrumental elements with a driving undercurrent. Determined to push classical music away from it’s stereotypical stuffy perceptions and into a new place, Prayer presents a wholly modern take on composition; his associated sound cleverly manipulating traditional structures into modern electronic genres with a distinct UK heart.

In his words:
Lost was a project created out of my desire to present classical / electronic music that is unpolished around the edges. Each track touches on emotional extremes, all of them based on an idea that is then distorted / concealed in a way that brings a rough touch to all the pieces. It is this concealment in music that fascinates me – that you can compose an idea and then contrast the elegance of it with something less smooth.

My approach is influenced by 20th century classical / electroacoustic works, where composers would often contrast harsh sounds with more ‘pleasant’ sounding tones.

This project tie in with a live AV show at The Pickle Factory on Wednesday 25th January, in association with RADAR RADIO.

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