Autumn In June – Cocaine Eighties

Autumn In June.jpg

Here’s the new track ‘Cocaine Eighties’ from LA electronic pop artist Autumn In June. Emerges from blurry, sun-kissed strings and Balearic piano chords, with the crystalline vocals hovering longingly over sequenced 4/4 analogue funk.

Autumn In June has been bubbling up over the past year through a series of warm homespun tracks such as Hey Arnold!, I Guess It’s Cool To Be Lonely and Heroin Kidz, all self written, produced, and recorded in a DIY studio cabin he built in his dads backyard. His tracks bring together Drive-esque arpeggiated synths with new wave electropop and echoes of 90’s west coast hip hop. His sound can be traced back to his upbringing – he grew up in turbulent South Central LA, surrounded by violence and gang culture. His passion for rap and hop eventually met with the discovery of artists such as Phil Collins, ELO, Prince and Giorgio Moroder, which moved him to making his own music and gave it its haunting, yearning twist. The music is largely upbeat and positive sounding, with the lyrics hinting at the darker and more melancholic underlying themes.


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