Kauf – Pacify


A budding forest softly echoes in the distance as rhythmic vocal loops and reverbed pads slowly evolve. Bass floods in and pulsates in odd syncopation while high-pitched calls ring out, signalling something grandiose and optimistic to come.

‘Pacify’ sets the scene – the opening track from Kauf’s forthcoming album ‘Regrowth’. A minute in, it bursts into life with fluttering bells and textures that fill the song to the brim, and the first lines emerge,”You’re carving soft what you don’t need, can I give you a hand?”

The song is a lament on lost opportunities for closeness, but also an offering of help -the outside voice which forges a path that is unseen or feels forbidden. ‘Regrowth’ will be released in early 2017.

After the success of the previous singles ‘Through The Yard’, ‘A Ruin’ and ‘Key To Life’ all making the HypeM Top 10 including a #1, and an LA residency @ The Echo with support from artists like Your Friend, Clara-Nova, and Vōx, Kauf is set for a promising year ahead. Watch out for remixes of ‘Pacify’ from The Big Pink and Jeffrey Brodsky to follow.

As a bonus, check out Kauf’s remix for Grapell’s Arrow, out now Roll Call Records and Strangers Candy.

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