Henry Green – Real


British songwriter and producer Henry Green looks set to release new music in the form of EP, “Real.” Building on the success of 2015’s “Slow” (featuring the single “Barcelona,” a Top 10 on Hypem which to date has garnered nearly 2 million Spotify streams), Green’s new tracks move in a slightly different direction, whilst maintaining the sultry blend of electronics displayed in his previous works. Stemming from travels around Europe, the songs focus on the importance of immersing yourself in special moments and allowing real, raw emotion to be felt.

After revealing the first cut “Closer” from the EP earlier this fall, Henry returns today with the title track “Real.” Fans of The XX and London Grammar will happily lose themselves in the ambient soundscapes and ambiguously sultry lyrics.

I remember feeling really excited when writing ‘Real,’” Henry says about the track. “It started out as a load of lyrical ideas and a simple chord progression on piano, but there was something intriguing about the mood it was creating. A lot of the ideas were formed whilst on tour in Europe, but it was the week after, once I’d had time to reflect, that the song really took shape and I started to build up it’s production. The song is about allowing yourself to feel everything that there is to feel in one moment, not holding back and feeling complete euphoria.

Out 10th Feb 2017 on Akira Records.

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