Kasper Bjørke – Klint Remixes

kasper bjorke.jpg

Kasper Bjørke is finising off another busy year, with a special treat in the form of Klint, a bouncy and dirty proto house jam that has been causing quite a stir on dancefloors all over, since the track was released as part of Kaspers Mini-LP Fountain of Youth this summer.

Now Klint is getting the single release it deserves, backed with some killer remixes from the Multi Culti crew and the Hivern Discs homeboy Marc Piñol. Piñol’s eclectic mix comes with crunchy drum machines and a throbbing, hypnotic groove – another piece of deep alchemy from the Hivern Discs regular. Thomas von Party from Multi Culti drops a stunning piece of voodoo, adding waves of his signature percussion and shamanic vibes – and The Multi Culti Mix slows down the pace, making the whole instrumentation extra trippy. As an extra goodie, MANOID, this rising new artist on the hfn disko imprint, delivers a personal and twisted take on the original version.

Releases December 2. Pre-order here.

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