Goose – What You Need (Digitalism Remix)

goose digitalism.jpg

A creative force to be reckoned with, Belgian electronic outfit GOOSE unleash their new single ‘What You Need’ along with remixes from German electro powerhouse Digitalism and fellow Belgian Mumbai Science, as well as visuals directed by Raf Simons and Dior long-term collaborator Willy Vanderperre, set for release via Universal and Safari Records on 18th November.

The single is the title-track from their upcoming new album, which went straight to number one in Belgium and was recorded in LA with Ariel Pink, Air and Beck writer and arranger Jason Falkner, who also contributes guitars, synths and piano on several tracks.

Known for their hands-in-the-air, eyes-closed, edge-of-control beats, GOOSE’s music features a clear duality – described by Dummy as ‘combining rock dynamics with electronics’ – it is a combination of dark electrical splendour soaring up between melodic, experimental and catchy.

Following up on the success of their internationally acclaimed albums, the NME-approved ‘Bring It On’ released on Fatboy Slim’s Skint Records, the two-time Music Industry Awards winner ‘Synrise’ released on seminal Berlin label !K7 and The Guardian-approved ‘Control Control Control’ – GOOSE have been at the fore front of the Flemish electronic music scene alongside Soulwax, Aeroplane and The Magician for the past ten years.

Born from the creative minds of singer and keyboard player Mickael Karkousse, guitarist Dave Martijn, bassist Tom Coghe and drummer Bert Libeert, GOOSE are known for their sleek aesthetic – from creating magazines featuring interviews with their friends and peers including Soulwax, Raf Simons and Pink Floyd’s sleeve artist Storm Thorgerson – to running multimedia installations. The multidisclipinary band have also lent their hand to remixes for top artists such Daft Punk, Scissor Sisters and White Lies.

This carefully thought sense of style can be traced back to Mickael Karkousse involvement with the avant-garde Belgian fashion scene. As one of the youngest street cast faces designer Raf Simons has ever used, the singer debuted in his iconic Radioactivity show of A/W 98-99 featuring Kraftwerk. This fertile environment has led the band to a long-term visual collaboration with cult fashion photographer and filmmakers Willy Vanderperre, which culminated with the creation of a short film to mark the release of ‘What You Need’ with cinematography from Stanley Kubrick’s favourite Larry Smith.

‘What You Need’ is GOOSE most compelling single so far – the first taste of the band’s upcoming new album in the pipeline for next Spring – epitomizes the unique sound and intensely creative nature that makes them one if the most exciting names coming out of Belgium in the last ten years.

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