Video: Pete Yorn – She Was Weird

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The video for “She Was Weird,” a standout track from Pete Yorn’s new album, ArrangingTime (Capitol Records), premiered today on and can be seen below. The clip is the winning entry in a contest that Yorn announced earlier, which encouraged fans to let their DIY ethic shine.

“We held a contest to see who could come up with the most creative and inspiring visual take on the song. The only criteria was that they shoot it themselves on an iPhone or have a friend shoot it,” says Pete Yorn. “Of all the submissions, Flavia Lucini’s entry inspired us the most in its original and colorful interpretation. She directed it herself in a very DIY fashion. We think Flavia really captured the spirit of the song and couldn’t be happier to share this with everyone. Stay weird!”

Contest winner Flavia Lucini, a Brazilian model who will appear in the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Paris show, recalls, “When I learned about the Pete Yorn video contest, I immediately called my friend and art partner Rogerio Mesquita, who is a photographer and film maker. We had been collaborating for a while on a photographic project where we both photograph over the same film, and this was another endeavor I wanted to take together in order to consolidate our creative partnership. We somehow knew that we could go on full creative mode on this project and not hold back for a second. We listened to the song several times. We loved it from the beginning, it was very inspirational.

“The first scene had seven takes, making me almost ill from eating the disgusting mix of dressings I was putting on the bread. Most of the other scenes were resolved with two or three takes. The film then went on to be edited, which took one and a half hour. Personally, since I try to be creative with my photography and painting, it was an incredible experience to create and act in this music video. Even more so, for being chosen as the visual enactment of a great song by an artist such as Pete Yorn. It made me feel very good about this second career I am pursuing.”
ArrangingTime, Yorn’s first solo studio album in more than five years, debuted in the Top 5 of Billboard’s Alternative Albums and Folk Albums charts and in the Top 10 of the Top Rock Albums chart. Paste Magazine said it “affirms his skill and sensibilities. The songs shine.”Entertainment Weekly noted,”propulsive cuts like ‘Summer Was a Day’ and ‘Lost Weekend’ sound refreshingly back-to-basics, like rediscovering a long-forgotten Jackson Browne record.”In an 8/10 review, Uncut hailed ArrangingTime as “a creative reboot” while found its “enveloping warmth…alluring.”
The album marks his first collaboration with producer R. Walt Vincent since Yorn’s 2001’s RIAA Gold-certified debut, musicforthemorningafter, and 2003’s Day I Forgot. ArrangingTime follows Yorn’s acclaimed 2010 self-titled album, recorded with The Pixies’ Frank Black, and a pair of adventurous collaborations – 2009’s Break Up with Scarlett Johansson and The Olms (2013), a ’60s-styled retro-pop duo with J.D. King.

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