AUÐUR – 3D & Both Eyes on You


23-year-old multi-instrumentalist Auðunn Lúthersson cut his teeth playing with Icelandic hardcore and noise-rock bands. After seeing James Blake at Sónar 2013 he reinvented himself under the pseudonym Auður (pronounced “Author”) and swifted over to electronic. He quickly got noticed by the Red Bull Music Academy where he was selected from a pool of 4500+ applicants for a term in Montreal. Before hitting Montreal he signed with IMAGEM Music and is now dropping the first track from his much anticipated debut album, Alone.

‘3D’ derives from a lonely period in his life. Auður spent a winter alone in his parents’ suburban house at the edge of Reykjavík’s satellite town Hafnarfjörður; the sprawl of the city on one hand, nothing on the other. His parents and sister were away in the States, his best friend left for school in Denmark, a close childhood friend had recently passed away in her sleep and his girlfriend was backpacking through South America. Adding insult to injury, that winter also saw a record-breaking total of nearly fifty storms, often leaving Auður stuck at the house. Auður felt very, very lonely. “It was a strange and trying winter,” he says. “I spent most of it feeling very isolated and horny. Keeping myself busy by writing music.”

‘3D’ details the frustrations of Skype sex and the faux-intimacy of video calls: ‘My wi-fi ain’t that strong / I can’t do this any longer / we’re connected but we ain’t connecting / It ain’t the same when you’re just in my phone.” When he couldn’t reach her he would obsess over pictures of his girlfriend on social media – tanned, smiling, and enjoying a bottle of Mendoza red wine with her new, overly attractive, latin friends.

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