Yuksek – Nous Horizons LP


Celebrated French producer and songwriter Yuksek, purveyor of all things post-disco, house and pop has just revealed a brand new single video ‘Sunrise’ taken from his new album ‘Nous Horizon’ due for release on January 20th 2017 via Partyfine.

The video is an engaging and humorous take on a loved-up couple and throughout the video Yuksek himself is present but seemingly invisible until the end. Yuksek decribes the making of the video,

We shot the video of Sunrise in Los Angeles last September using the Californian hackneyed clichés, the palm trees, the vintage car, the pool, the house shaped in an “A”… while telling a love story out of the ordinary. Our lovers are far from being canons of beauty and, their way of life, this food orgy, is not exactly in the current standard of healthy living, and this is the paradox, they are nevertheless beautiful and happy. My ghostly presence in the video appeared to us to be the perfect evocation of this track history, of an imaginary love, a fantasy presence.

Yuksek set up his label Partyfine in 2013 which is now home to likes of Clarens, Weekend Affair, Get A Room! and in June released his own ‘Sweet Addiction EP’ which has now nearly reached 1-million Spotify Streams. ‘Nous Horizon’ is his first studio album release for four years but during this time he has collaborated with Chassol, Keren Ann, Yaya Herman Dune, JD Samson, Boston Bun, The Magician (Peter & the Magician) and Alex Metric (The Alexanders), and continued to make remixes for the likes of Lana Del Rey, Phoenix, M83, Gorillaz, & Empire of the Sun.

‘Nous Horizon’ is an album of mostly duets, invitations to sing together (Break My Heart, Sunrise, Sweet Addiction, Stay) featuring USA singer Monika, Kim Debarge, Her, Juveniles and Roman Rappak (Breton) Yuksek’s new melodies on ‘Nous Horizon’ are sunnier than before; his beats and production more subtle, airy, but still conveying a touch of hedonism with its club-friendly sounding tracks. In his own words,

‘It took me 4 years to find the drive to record a new album, during which I fed off new encounters with musicians, artists but also stage and film directors. All this led to a change in the way I worked, or at least in the way I envisioned my work. I wanted to reconnect with what influenced this project from the beginning, forge collaborations with people I crossed paths with during the past few years and engage an authentic artistic dialogue. With ‘Nous Horizon’, I tried to go back to the essence of things. My own musical culture and classical background as a pianist often leads me to look for complex harmonies and I did not renounce anything in this album. I wrote the music I love, between soul, electro disco and indie-pop.’

Yuksek has also devoted a lot of time to writing for cinema, television and the stage. He composed the philharmonic orchestral music for the original soundtrack of the Valérie Donzelli movie Marguerite et Julien, (2015 Cannes Festival), and music for a Bergman play performed by Sophie Marceau on the Arte TV channel. He also wrote the instrumental arrangements for director Ludovic Lagarde’s adaptation of L’Avare (The Miser) and has composed music for documentaries and fashion shows such as Carvan and Cartier.

Yuksek will be performing live at Transmusicales de Rennes festival, France on 1st December and then at Cigale in Paris on 9th February 2017 with some new UK DJ dates tbc soon.

NOUS HORIZON track listing:
Golden Hands
Sunrise (feat. Kim)
Break My Heart (feat. Monika)
We Love / Nous Horizon
Make It Easy (feat. Monika)
Make It Happen
Sweet Addiction (feat. Her)
Golden Age
Keep Looking in My Eyes
Live Alone (feat. Roman Rappak)
I Don’t Care
Complicated (feat. Her)
Stay (feat. Juveniles)

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