johan – Bravery


Boston based new comer johan has quickly caught attention with a trio of well received releases. Debut track ‘danger_us’, follow up ‘stardust’ and recently revealed Robin Hannibal (RHYE) collaboration ‘High In The Woods’ has seen johan pick up notable praise, with the latter hitting number 2 on the Spotify Global Viral chart. Now johan reveals his fourth track, ‘Bravery’. The track is co-written by How To Dress Well, produced by J_ and showcases johan at his largest sounding yet. Speaking on the track, johan states:

Working with How to Dress Well on this one was awesome. He had this idea for this heroic chorus idea around the word Bravery. I thought we could make it work if we made it about asking a girl to stay brave and push through some hard times in the relationship. It was also really cool doing my first song that I haven’t produced myself. I threw some crazy ideas like that triplet side-chain figure on the chorus at J_ the producer and he tied it all together amazingly I think.”

johan is set to make his live debut on the Pigeons & Planes stage at ComplexCon. Keep your eyes peeled for more in the near future.


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