Tim Green – Headless Stride


Acclaimed underground hitmaker Tim Green is back on Toronto’s My Favorite Robot Records serving up two more astounding club tracks that are sure to make a big impact this autumn.

Green has put out some truly anthemic and chart topping techno tracks in recent times, including a recent reworking of Paul McCartney which was a Beatport hit over the summer and his standout remix of Atelier Francesco which also sat near the top of the charts. They come on Get Physical, where he has also mixed it up recently for their official Body Language series, Get Weird and of course the highly respected Cocoon Recordings. With such an appealing sound it is no wonder Green is constantly playing the world’s finest clubs and festivals (with an upcoming show at Panorama Bar in November) and this latest offering is sure to only see his stock rise yet further with its slightly deeper and more moody overtones.

The mighty ‘Headless Stride’ is a slow burning and sensuous track that sucks you into its elastic groove. Dotted with cosmic melodies, it builds to an intense but soothing high point that will offer a great moment of emotional release in any set, thanks to its poised chords and meaningful bass.

The slightly more direct ‘Nekk It’ is busier and more full, with rubbery drums, rolling bass and shuffling hi-hats all slithering away and getting under your skin. Atmospheric and tender, it really is a masterfully well paced and balanced cut that is as spacious as it is sleek.

Few people are as on point as Green right now, and once again here he comes up with the goods for the influential My Favorite Robot label.

1. Headless Stride
2. Nekk It

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