Klorin – Noncompliance EP


Introducing Klorin, a collaboration between Kenton Slash Demon and Norin, also known as the lead singer of Swedish synth-pop trio Lust For Youth. Their debut EP ’Noncompliance’ floats inbetween industrial hypnotic techno and dark ambient, created in a number of early morning sessions in Kenton Slash Demon’s Copenhagen studio.

“We were fascinated by the idea of combining something that was almost primal or tribe like rhythmically with an atmosphere that felt tecnologically advanced and futuristic – aiming to capture a feeling of being detached from society in an industrialized, achromatized and modern world.”

The slow and groovy opener ‘Noncompliance’ sucks you into a soundscape of distorted pads and icy strings that mold in and out, and halfway through the track a bassline slowly appears that locks you in a trance state of mind. ‘Cash Flow’ picks up tempo with it’s percussive 808 driven beat, swelling pads and alien-like moldet ambient sounds and might make you slightly anxious but definitely move on the dance floor. The flip side commences with the beatless ‘IOC Corruption Scandal’ that works as a transient to the EP’s closing track ‘Nauru’ which is build up around an intense and soaring synth line with distant robotic voices and haunting melodies.

Following XYZ’s spacious and tantric ‘1’ EP, WAA Industry is back with an extremely clean and efficient four-tracker that embraced industrial techno and dark ambient. Inspired by a feeling of living in a post capitalist society and constantly being watched. It’s primitive yet technologically advanced.

Out on November 18 / WAA Industry
01. Noncompliance
02. Cash Flow
03. IOC Corruption Scandal
04. Nauru

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