Kauf – Key to Life


In the final stretch of ‘Key to Life’, the third introspective peek at Kauf’s forthcoming debut album ‘Regrowth,’ a meditative bamboo flute motif evolves into the central question regarding the power of threatening words on a young mind, when the lyrics, “Warn me you had the key to life” emerge.

Jangly guitar forms the prominent melodic element – a driving force sparingly laid out over an almost tribal, half-time rhythm constructed mostly of hand percussion and a full, electronic bass drum that reaches deep into the body. It’s a somewhat alien setting filled with multi-layered vocal abstractions evoking feelings of isolation, where bewildering experiences must be normalized to survive, until the song explodes with new, invigorating aural textures and old “truths” dissolve like a handful of salt in a wide ocean.

After the success of the previous singles ‘Through The Yard’ and ‘A Ruin’, both making the HypeM Top 10 and being featured extensively on BBC Radio 1 & KCRW,and an LA residency @ The Echo with support from artists like Your Friend, Clara-Nova, and Vōx, Kauf is set for a promising year ahead. Watch out for a remix of ‘Key to Life’ from the UK’s Ambassadeurs to follow.

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