Video: Röyksopp – Never Ever feat. Susanne Sundfør


Röyksopp have released their disco-inspired video for latest single ‘Never Ever’ featuring Susanne Sundfør. ‘Never Ever’ was released on 9th September and entered the Spotify Viral Chart Top 50 at Number 28 with over 2 million plays and 70,000 streams on Apple Music.

According to the duo, the video for the track is set in “a disco-esque alternative universe”:

“We have, in the past, tended to go for a bit of a sombre sentiment in our videos, pristine imagery with a hint of darkness,” says Svein. “But we wanted to turn that around this time, and make something raw, shabby and messy but predominantly light-hearted. At the core lies a reaction to the current paradigme of selfies & social media, where a flattering facade, overshadowing substance seems to be not only the accepted norm, but something to strive for. There are way too many artists that fuel this notion that one has to be both rich, delinquent, successful & sexy, all at the same time. We thought it refreshing to counter that and hence we´ve gone off on a different tangent for this video. It’s not completely unflattering, but it’s quite unflattering.”

‘Never Ever’ is the duo’s first single since they released their final album ‘The Inevitable End’ in 2014. Röyksopp have released 6 full-length studio LPs, all of which were UK Top 40 albums. After the release of ‘The Inevitable End’, the duo then pledged that it would be their final full-length record, thus completing their six album cycle. They also promised they would return with new music in other forms as and when time was right.

2016 marks the 15th anniversary of their classic debut ‘Melody AM’ that cemented Röyksopp as one of electronic music’s leading lights. Since then they have gained worldwide acclaim and success with two Grammy nominations, a Brit nomination and winning seven Spellemannprisen Awards. But the duo aren’t planning on looking back just yet. This is the inevitable new beginning.

Röyksopp will play a DJ gig at London’s Bankside Vaults on Friday 25th November.

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