Video: BAYA – A Call To Say Hello


BAYA shares his debut video for new single “A Call To Say Hello”. Directed by Andreas Bjørseth and with animation from John Christian Ferner Apalnes, the visual is a colour explosion of doodles and sketches intertwined into a heartening narrative.

BAYA is Andrew Murray – a singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist who blends musical influences from a diverse spectrum of backdrops, spanning Norway, the Ivory Coast, Scotland and New York. His sound is driven by pulsating beats, modular synth magic and deep bass grooves, all weaved together to create a fresh and vivid sonic palette.

The Harlem shot video is the perfect introductory piece to a very unique backstory. BAYA’s sonic journey began when he reconnected with his father; the two had never previously met and he journeyed to Harlem to meet him – his voice is sampled on “A Call To Say Hello”. BAYA’s father Sompohi Baya is an artist himself and was the one of the first West Africans to receive an international art scholarship to study sculpture in Rome, followed by a stint at the Art Academy in Bergen. Sompohi’s work derives from the interaction between the traditional masks of his sub-Saharan African homeland and the architecture of Western religion, dubbed glalogy. It is a theme BAYA continues in the visual elements of his own work and the idea of family and re-connection is poured into the narrative of his debut EP.

“A Call To Say Hello” is the first track to be lifted from BAYA’s debut EP “Oslo // Harlem” which will be released this autumn. Look out for full info soon…

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