Wendy Bevan – Rose & Thorn LP


Wendy Bevan will release her debut full length Rose & Thorn on September 16th via Kwaidan Records/!K7 Records. The album was produced by Marc Collin of Nouvelle Vague. Recently she shared the video for “In Ghosts We Trust,” you can watch below. Rose & Thorn is currently available for pre-order here.

01. Sweet Dedication
02. Rebel Rouser
03. Rose & Thorn
04. Lover
05. In Ghosts We Trust
06. Be Gentle
07. Love From The Moon
08. Bad Manners
09. Twin
10. Porcelain
11. Black Kat
12. Romance
13. What Kind Of Woman (Bonus Track)

Wendy Bevan is a British musician, visual/performing artist, and photographer. Her work spans an array of media including musical performance, film, visual imagery and immersive, experiential artworks. She strives to maintain a multidisciplinary approach to her work, and believes in creating a universal language and balance in the crossover of these disciplines; known for her surreal, etherial and theatrical, aesthetic Wendy has developed a unique cinematic world and style of her own.

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