Phil Kieran – Blinded By The Sun LP


‘Blinded By The Sun’ sees Belfast born Phil Kieran create a ten track narrative inspired from over a decade in the electronic dance scene. His fourth album was picked up by Jamie Jones and signed to Hot Creations soon after.

The sun has inspired musicians for thousands of years and Kieran was able to draw a direct metaphor between the burning star and his experiences as a DJ. In an industry with all of it’s supposed glamour and beauty, it is the same industry that burns so many. Kieran didn’t use any samples, instead focusing on musicians and original sounds. ‘Think Too Much’ is a case in point, teaming up with Jess Brien. Her vocals add a soulful dimension; her intelligent, intuitive soul on board for nine of the tracks.” The album opens up with ‘Solar Storm’ and the listener is met with the enchanting voice of Wilson Magwere, who met Kieran after fleeing for his life due to the music he was making under Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

Kieran felt drawn to creating something positive and that would empower people on the dancefloor. Light and dark go hand in hand, and with all things beautiful there is a darker side. In dance music that is often drug use and the hedonistic after parties that can easily switch and become tainted with regrets, addictions and lost dreams. The hauntingly beautiful vocal of ‘Realities Forgotten’ and increased intensity of ‘I Can’t Help Myself’ nod to these lifestyle aspects, a spiralling swell in their rhythms.

Five tracks in and hope emerges, as the second half introduces tracks such as ‘Don’t Give Up’ and ‘Let It Go Away’, concluding in ‘Find Love’. Around the time he was producing the album he was reading Strength To Love’ by Martin Luther King. “I grew up in Northern Ireland and was surrounded by hate and love at the same time, and yet we always used music to escape hatred and bigotry. Ultimately love and music can win”.

“I wanted to capture something very real and raw. Something similar to the feeling you get at the end of the night, and jumping in a car from one after party to another driving through London or New York and then the music comes on the car stereo. It has your attention”.

For over a decade Kieran has dedicated his career to producing and DJing to his very best ability, resulting in a reputation that is undoubtedly as solid as the music he makes. He has previously worked with Green Velvet, and was personally chosen by Depeche Mode to remix ‘Sweetest Perfection’. Having released on ULTRAMAJIC, Hotflush, Cocoon, Turbo and his own imprint Phil Kieran Recordings, Kieran is an unwavering figure within the techno scene. His unprecedented skills in production have also meant that he’s created film scores alongside David Holmes and released music under his alias Le Carousel.

Solar Storm
Make A Change
Blinded By The Sun
Realities Forgotten
I Can’t Help Myself
Don’t Give Up
Think Too Much
No Life
Let It Go Away
Find Love

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