The Living Gods of Haiti – Bone Dry LP


This August The Living Gods of Haiti, the duo of singer, poet and visual artist Rebekah Dobbins and Parisian producer Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague, Yasmine Hamdan), will release their debut album ‘Bone Dry’ on Kwaidan Records/!K7. Bringing together a powerful fusion of esoteric imagery and ethereal electronic music, The Living Gods of Haiti have already been hailed by London’s Metro paper as “one for Tricky and Bat For Lashes fans” and by Clash for its “darkly enticing electronics”.

Taking their name from Maya Deren’s documentary film on ritual dance and voodoo, ‘Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti’, the duo set out to create an all encompassing aesthetic, one that drew as much from the writings of EE Cummings, Aleister Crowley or the Zoroastrian Avesta as it did from the music of Dead Can Dance, David Bowie or the Cocteau Twins and with ‘Bone Dry’ have managed just that.

Featuring 13 tracks of atmospheric electronica, sounds taken from around the and beguiling leftfield pop, ‘Bone Dry’ is that rare thing in the music world today, an album that creates its own world. In an increasingly risk averse and controlling industry constantly chasing faded copies of the last big thing The Living Gods of Haiti offer up a much needed alternative, a chance to peer behind the curtain and maybe find that magic still exists in music after all.

Album teaser:

Killing Lotus video:

Pre-order link:


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