Soul Clap – Shine (This Is It) feat. Nona Hendryx EP

soul clap.jpg

‘Shine (This Is It)’ is the debut single from Soul Clap’s second self-titled album, a project that’s been four years in the making. The single features legendary vocalist Nona Hendryx and will be released on !K7 / Crew Love on 19th August alongside remixes from Dimitri From Paris and DJ Rocca aka Erodiscotique.

Soul Clap mark the album with a global tour starting on Sept 30th in the UK and landing in Norway, Copenhagen, Italy and Amsterdam’s ADE before another five weeks in the states. In their second album, ‘Soul Clap’, we can hear four years of maturing technique since their first album, carefully crafted and supported by a whole community of musical talent. In the words of Charles Levine, one half of the duo, “it digs deep into our funky souls and turns our wildest dreams into sound. If ‘EFUNK’ [their first album] was an attempt to create a blueprint using our past inspirations, then “Soul Clap” is the beautiful skyscraper, standing tall as it looks to the future.”

Lead single ‘Shine’ is an anthemic wonder featuring the legendary Nona Hendryx, a founding member of the group Labelle who’s ‘Lady Marmalade’ is a timeless classic and has collaborated with acts such as George Clinton & P-Funk, Talking Heads and Peter Gabriel to name a few. There is magic contained in ‘Shine (This Is It) and the strength in her vocal is empowering it its uplifting message. Midnight Magic’s Morgan Wiley delivers an outstanding keyboard solo and fellow bandmate Jason Disu teams up with Kali Rodriguez and No Regular Play’s Greg Paulus to form the Soul Clap horn section.

Remixes come courtesy of Erodicotique a collaboration between Dimitri From Paris, the esteemed French producer who gained huge exposure in the mid 90’s for his Playboy Mansion mix series and Sacreblue album and DJ Rocca, the modern Italo Disco master. Their main vocal and dubstramental renditions take us back to the piano driven, Italo House sound of the 90’s with a classic loon sample to prick the ears of the old school.

“Shine (This is It) started as an experiment using as many sounds from the Moog Sub37 as possible,’ explain Soul Clap, ‘We wanted to write something that felt as modern as it did retro, which is a typical frame of mind for us over here!  It’s the big question how can you charge forward but always nod to the past? Shout out goes to Chuck “Tha Fonk” Fishman and Sa’D “The Hourchild” Ali from the Parliament-Funkadelic mob who put us in touch with Nona Hendryx who was such a pleasure to work with and got into the groove of this record effortlessly.”


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