Videos: Sarah P. – Golden Deer feat. Hiras

sarah p

Sarah P’s new single “Golden Deer”, taken from her recent solo debut EP “Free”, is out now. It comes with not one but three music videos which were directed by the Berlin based visual geniuses Schall & Schnabel. The music videos give the viewer the chance to choose how deep to dive into the dream.

About the song:
Golden Deer was inspired by a dream I had about this deer leading me to a magical forest where everything was possible. I guess, following the deer symbolized tearing down the fences I’ve built around me because of my fears. Throughout “Free” there has been this steady but slow walk towards the light. If “Dirty Sunday” that serves as the opener of the EP is dark and heavy, “Golden Deer”, the final song, is like an excited heart that’s pumping for the new beginnings.” – Sarah P.

About the video:
With our video, we visualize a dream. The colors, the pictures, the visual elements layer and in their multiplication a crazy interaction, and new associations. Some sequences remind of coral reefs, others of a kaleidoscope. A very own, powerful, poppy, and experimental image language and dynamic was created, bringing an atmosphere that is charming and playful at the same time.” – Pierre Horn & Eileen Huhn (Schall & Schnabel)

Decide how deep you want to dive into the dream…:

ACT 1:

ACT 2:

ACT 3:

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