Alex Smoke – Love Over Will Remixes


Love Over Will was the fifth album from Alex Smoke. A suite of perfectly crafted electronica brimming with layers and texture that further explored the melding of his voice with intricate electronics and discordant melody.

The album’s palette of otherworldly strings, distortion, clicks and synths acts as a bed for Menzies’ voice, at times confessional, others loudly declamatory – ‘Love Over Will’  was unquestionably Menzie’s finest work to date.

It now returns as a compilation of remixes and Alex’s own dub versions. On remix duties are Lakker, Tale Of Us, Tessela, CW/A and Alleged Witches – each twisting the source material via their distinct sound palettes. Alex also supplies six instrumental dub versions previously only available from his own website.

Out August 19th on R&S Records.

1. Alex Smoke – Dire Need (Lakker Remix)
2. Alex Smoke – Manacles (Alleged Witches Divination Version)
3. Alex Smoke – Dire Need (Tale Of Us Remix)
4. Alex Smoke – All My Atoms (CW/A Remix)
5. Alex Smoke – Dust (Tessela Remix)
6. Alex Smoke – Dire Need (Tale Of Us Instrumental Remix)
7. Alex Smoke – Manacles (Alex Smoke Dub)
8. Alex Smoke – Dire Need (Alex Smoke Dub)
9. Alex Smoke – Fall Out (Alex Smoke Dub)
10. Alex Smoke – LossGain (Alex Smoke Dub)
11. Alex Smoke – Astar Mara (Alex Smoke Dub)

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