Beat Remvie – No​-​More​-​Stalgic EP

beat remvie

Almost one year after his debut release Beat Remvie (the indie dance/pop musical project of Greek producer Michalis GDaddie) returns with a concept EP about dreams and memories.

“No-More-Stalgic” is a three track EP that lures the listener into an aural time travel. Starting off with “Cocktails and Dreams”, Prins Obi’s vocals layer over a simple bassline and, combined with retro-referencing synths, they build up a dreamy 70’s atmosphere to set the mood. “Cry Out” has a steady disco-funk groove that drives you into dancing, only in favor of casting off the bitterness imprinted on Beat Remvie’s vocals. The closing track, “No-More-Stalgic”, kicks in with an ethereal intro where performer Yorgia Karidi seconds Beat Remvie’s pledge to never look back and leads the track to a cathartic acid dance towards the future.

Beat Remvie’s “No-More-Stalgic” EP is available via Bandcamp.

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