Micko Westmoreland – Strange (Luke Vibert Plug Remix)


In anticipation of the new ‘Remixes’ collection, out August 12, Micko Westmoreland offers a free download of Luke Vibert’s remix of his track ‘Strange’.

The ‘Remixes’ album features the remixing skills of Vibert, Si Begg, Mike Paradinas, Ian O’Brien, Royal Falcoln Project, T-Power and a clutch of mixes by Micko himself. It features remixes of tracks from his two solo albums ‘Yours etc abc’ and ‘Wax & Wayne’ as well as ‘One Pound Note’ and ‘Fabrications’, the two albums Micko released under his The Bowling Green alter-ego.

“Luke’s mix of ‘Strange’ has it’s got a 50s B-movie sci-fi feel to it,” Micko says. “Kooky modulating orchestras, a soundtrack to the Roswell incident maybe. A robot functioning pulse, carrying out ‘special procedures’ on Neptune.”

The two Bowling Green albums will also see a digital release for the first time on August 12.

Micko also recently unveiled the video for ‘Schmescos‘, a track from his most recent album ‘Yours etc abc’, which stars comedian and actor Kevin Eldon, currently appearing in ‘Game of Thrones’.


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  1. Loving this, thanks for posting


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