Pheeyownah – zero9zero9 EP


Labrador Records is pleased to welcome Pheeyownah to the label. Labrador will release zero9zero9, Pheeyownah’s first release outside her own label. The EP will be will be available digitally and on 12” vinyl on June 10. Pheeyownah says, “I’ve had proposals before but they’ve always wanted to control my sound and me. On Labrador, I can do things my own way.

Pheeyownah is a Stockholm-born producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, dancer, who has self-released her first two EPs. She works under strict DIY principles. At her home studio she makes smokey R&B that some say sound like a mix between Burial, Sade, early Weeknd and Twin Peaks.

Pheeyownah’s self-released “Mountain Peak, Sea Deep” has a rather impressive 325,000 plays on Spotify and her latest self released EP was voted ”Best New Music” by leading Swedish music site PSL. Spotify added her to a handful of playlists including ”Women to keep an eye on in 2014”, “Amazing Sweden”, “Downtempo Beats”, “Music For A Work Day” and “Worth A Detour ”

Feyona Naluzzi was born in southern Stockholm after her parents moved from Uganda to Sweden in the 80’s. As a young girl, Pheeyownah sang gospel and soon discovered she wanted to be a musician. She is a member of a Swedish Dance Crew called JUCK (named after the Swedish word for a grinding hip movement) and will be performing a solo at the dance festival Urban Connectio. Pheeyownah explained to Swedish magazine The Forumist. “I use my own music because my songs are based on personal experiences, anything else would feel strange to feature in the show.” Along with expressing herself through dance, she’s always written poetry and song lyrics. She started focusing on music in 2010 and released her debut single ”Strugglin’” in 2012.

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