Little Boots – Staring At The Sun

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Little Boots has returned this summer with yet another undeniable dance-floor banger titled “Staring At The Sun.” The track is available now, as part of her forthcoming “Afterhours” EP released via her label On Repeat Records on June 17th.

“Afterhours” is the follow-up EP to Little Boots’ last album “Working Girl” and features two tracks, the latest “Staring At The Sun” which was produced by Richard X and “Face to Face,” a collaboration with Sam Sparro.

“Afterhours” is the soundtrack for when the photocopier powers down and the office is locked up and you want to find somewhere to let your hair down and forget about the day. I really wanted to release something as a ‘thank you’ to my fans for all their incredible support over the years.” Little Boots aka Victoria Hesketh explains.

Alongside the announcement of her new EP, British born Little Boots has also confirmed the launch of her new collaboration with London start-up tech company Studio Amplify. NOIZ is a brand new and exciting interactive music app that provides music lovers and creators the chance to remix a song. While having complete control over the tracks progression, NOIZ uses its inbuilt intelligent syncing to enable the user to seamlessly remix music, allowing total freedom of expression and spontaneity. “Staring At The Sun” is now available to remix via the app,and is available now for free on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad here:

“This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time.” Explains Little Boots. “I’ve always been very passionate about music and technology and pushing where these two worlds collide. I also really wanted to do something for fans to explore the music. With this, they can literally hold the songs in their own hands and deconstruct them piece by piece, putting them back together however they want. For anyone that’s ever wanted to try their hand at remixing and not known where to start- here’s the most accessible and fun way.”

Pre-order “Afterhours” here on iTunes.


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