Video: Trophy Daughter – Sur Back


Today, 22-year-old Floridian artist Sur Back, the nom de plume of Caroline Sans, announces her independent debut EP, Kitsch. A classically trained ballerina, Sur Back is a completely self-taught and self-produced musician, blending the traditional stylings of her upbringing with a new pop sensibility ripe with a unique balance of delicacy and vibrance. To coincide with the EP announcement, Sur Back is also sharing her self-directed video and first single, “Trophy Daughter.”

Speaking on the video, Caroline said,
“Trophy Daughter” was born out of a coming-of-age type narrative, and on the surface, it might seem like just a personal celebration of femininity and aspiration. But I really strove to make a palatable pop song that uses its accessibility to further the idea of a completely inclusive feminine spectrum – one that rebrands the caring, maternal archetype so that women not only celebrate themselves, but use the successes of their personal feminism to nurture social movements that currently have less support.”

Kitsch is written, produced, and performed entirely by Caroline Sans, with EP art by Dutch visual artist Arnout van Albada. Check out the visual for “Trophy Daughter” below.


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