Larse – On Canvas Pt. I EP

Larse - On Canvas Pt. I - digitalcover web.jpg

Soul are thrilled to present Larse’s first EP on the label. The man from Dortmund has a long list of fantastic releases to his name, with originals and remixes on great labels such as DFA, Defected and Eskimo, to name just a few, as well as Beatport number ones, a BBC “Essential Tune”, one of the most influential German club music radio shows to date, a gold record, you name it… needless to say we are very proud to welcome this outstanding producer to our little SUOL family.

Larse’s trademark style is eclectic, smooth and soulful yet very dancefloor ready, which is just the way we like it here at SUOL, and this EP is no exception. We kick things off with “Wanna Be Like You” featuring Lisa Shaw on vocals. The touching lyrics combined with Lisa’s beautiful voice perfectly complement the track with its lush harmonic synths and dreamy delays on top of a solid foundation of crisp kicks, hovering hi-hats and drawn out bass notes that will give you goose bumps.

The instrumental track “Connection” goes deeper. Driven by a fast, modulated synth stab and an irresistible shaker groove, this one just builds and builds. Carried by a classic moog bass line, it initially focuses almost entirely on a straight four on the floor rhythm before opening up with a triumphant harmony and finally giving the mesmerized dancers the claps and off-beat hi-hats they will so desperately be craving by then.

Did we mention Larse used to be a Hiphop DJ? Well, it certainly shows in “Kind Of Culture” which sports an oriental vocal sample that is transformed so delightfully it might as well be Q-Bert himself manning the crossfader. Pairing up this ridiculously hooky cut with the funkiest of House grooves, a hypnotically straight melody, cheeky claves and tons intricate details to feast your ears on whilst getting down, here is a sure-fire dance floor winner to complete this magical EP. “On Canvas Pt. 2” will follow before the year is out. We can’t wait!


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