Echonomist, Elijah Simmons – Split EP


This is the first split EP on Biologic, welcoming two exciting producers from Greece. Side A comes courtesy of Echonomist who is very creative and active as a producer. This is an important release for Petros Manganaris who has been releasing music since the late 90’s under numerous aliases. His diverse musical styles place him amongst the most prolific producers whether electronic, dance or abstract. His elaborate performances cover the whole dance spectrum gaining him international acclaim and the reception for his dj sets is often welcomed with excitement. It is all about devotion to the sound and a restless quest for the groove that will make you move.

Side B is from London based producer Elijah Simmons, a rare breed of talent that has for years, been working towards perfecting his art, and is now about to enter the limelight. His track “Otavio’s Dream”, has been making waves as one of the biggest underground hits in Ibiza this summer, getting picked up by the international duo Blond:ish to exclusively feature on the first ever compilation of Flying Circus; the lovechild of Audiofly. He released his debut EP “Pisces” on the german label Kompakt.

Resease date: 19 May 2016 / Biologic Records
01. Rotation
02. Smoke Rings
03. Migdal David
04. Migdal David Tower Of David


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