WILDES – Illuminate


Listen to the perfectly crafted, delicate perfection of Illuminate by WILDES.

“‘Illuminate’ isi a reflection on our human error” explains WILDES, continuing “It’s about recognising (or illuminating) the qualities that make us human, but can also lead to our downfall. The song came from the idea that we will do anything – whether it be good or incredibly dangerous – for the people we love and the causes we believe in.”

It was only three months previous that West London’s WILDES uploaded her debut cut “Bare” which has so far caught the attention of tastemaker radio & blogging media. The 19 year old, known to her friends and family as Ella Walker, started gigging when she was 15 after being exposed to her father’s extensive guitar collection. That early exposure, along with inspiration from the works of Oscar Wilde, began shaping what you here today. Remind yourself of her debut track Bare here.

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